Brochure Design

Best brochure design is to make it clear to the customers that the company means business

Growing your business – your company – requires creating a strong first impression through an eye-catching, distinctive logo, as well as an effective branding strategy that sets you apart from your competitors. Once you have established a great looking logo and an amazing new brand, it’s time to focus on collateral. One of the foundational pieces for any company’s collateral, is a strong brochure helps tell your company, product or service’s story in a way that resonates with your potential customers and creates demand.  

When getting started, it helps to think through a few things that will guide the scope and style of your brochure. Do you need a single, simple brochure that provides high level overview of your company and the services or products you offer? If you market multiple products or services that target different industries or customer segments, you may want to consider a family of brochures that consistently reflect your brand but allow you to dedicate additional focus to each product or service and its target audience.  

Executed properly, brochures can leave a powerful impression on potential or current clients, and can be used as a very effective tool throughout the sales cycle as from a leave-behind, to a take-away for a tradeshow. Based on what your business’ needs, we can help identify the circumstances in which your new brochure would be most effective. We look at your business, your industry and your competitors before jumping in to the first step of writing.  

Not sure what you’re looking for with your brochure design? That’s okay! Our team knows all the important brochure design elements and can supply brochure design inspiration in abundance. We will guide you through the process and develop a beautiful, professionally written brochure that captures what makes your company unique, and what differentiates your services or products from those of your competition. We’ll also ensure these essential collateral pieces clearly speak to your target market or industry.  

From writing and design layout to printing preparation, we offer a full service approach of brochure design services to help take your business to the top.