Digital Marketing

Research. Execute. Measure.

The Visualz Group digital marketing strategy focuses on bringing your business to the forefront of your customers’ browsers. Our Digital Services team delivers quantifiable improvements on your business’ bottom line through increased, quality web traffic.  

Web presence optimization refers to the art and science of being found online. While many companies are familiar with SEO (which focuses on search engines) and social media marketing, web presence optimization is a holistic approach to becoming — and remaining — omnipresent online. It can include aspects of SEO, social and content marketing, reputation management, ratings and reviews, local profile management and even mobile marketing.  

As with all campaigns, the first aspect will include a comprehensive web presence audit. Utilizing state of the art technical, sentiment and visibility tools, we’ll find out how your current web presence is performing and how it stacks up to your competitors. In many cases, we will identify significant areas of opportunity. Next, we’ll build out a plan of action and begin implementing the outlined objectives. As a part of the campaign, we’ll provide regular reports to track your success against defined key performance indicators as defined during the research and refined throughout the course of the campaign.  

All campaigns focus on your long term success. While many campaigns can be launched quickly, The Visualz Group's Digital Services team follows a “research, execute, measure” methodology. As compared with “ready, aim, fire” campaigns we’ve seen too many times, we begin campaigns with a situational audit and game plan, followed by the ongoing execution of the various campaign deliverables. Ongoing measurement is critical to ensure long term success. We provide several campaign types from comprehensive campaigns like our Enhanced Web Presence Optimization campaign to tactical pay-per-click campaigns.  

That’s right — an entire team of digital marketing leaders at your beck and call. It doesn’t get any easier than that!