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A lot of people confuse between apparel designing and fashion designing and often use them as synonyms. Even though both the fields are connected, but there lies a difference between them.  Apparel designing refers to designer who specialize in one type of designing line or category. For example, when you enter a garment shop, you find various sections, such as men section, kids section, women section, party wear, casual wear such as such as Yves Saint Laurent, W, Hugo Boss, Lilliput, etc. All this falls under apparel designing.  On the other hand, Fashion designer is someone who is involved in the intricate detailing and designing to create a look of the garment. They study the fashion trends and make the end product aesthetically pleasing for the consumers.

We have enter in the field of designing Fashion Apparal

Apparal Concept

Fashion designing and apparel designing both are an integral part of the fashion world. Fashion designers and apparel designers both co exist in the industry to design unique and aesthetically appealing garments and accessories.